(Imagine Vic Fuentes) How You Met…

An accident. A happy accident. Pierce the Veil absolutely did not strike your interest at all in the Warped Tour 2010 line up, despite the fact that you had heard so many different good things about the band; like how perfect they were, and how gorgeous they were. So instead of sitting through their set, you decided to wander around and check out other bands while you waited for your friends. Once Pierce the Veil had finished your friends headed off to the Ernie Ball stage to see Eyes Set to Kill, another band you really hadn’t been too fond of, you instead made your way through the throng of kids to the Skullcandy Stage where We Are The In Crowd was going to play in a few minutes. You were covered in a thin sheet of sweat, and decided not to go through the struggle of pushing through all the ecstatic, crazy teenagers to get to the front of the stage. You stood all the way in the back of the crowd, bring yourself up on your tip toes, hoping to catch a glimpse of the energetic front girl known as Tay Jardine… but you saw nothing. You gave up, lowering yourself back onto the balls of your feet, crossing your arms in defeat.

"Can’t see?" you heard a voice shout over the crowd, a shadow was cast over you.

Beside you stood an absolutely stunning guy; he was almost movie star stunning, as cliche as that may sound. A few inches taller than you, but rather short for a guy. He was skinny, but with strong muscular arms, and he was definitely of Latino descent, with a sexy nose silver nose ring. His hair was mousy brown, shoulder length, and curly; a black beanie placed loosely upon his head. His lips were a pale pink shade, contrasting with his big smile.

Something was so familiar about him, it honestly made you nervous.

A thick graceful eyebrow was now being raised at you. You realized you had been staring at him for some time now; just taking in every detail of his face. You felt your cheeks heating up; a dark crimson blush.

"Not really!" you finally responded shaking your head dramatically just in case he couldn’t hear you, rising onto your tip toes once more.

It was than that the male knelt down, motioning with his finger to his shoulders.

"Hop on then!"

You blinked some, raising your eyebrows now. For a second you hesitated, turning your head once more with the hopes that perhaps the crowd had somewhat cleared out, leaving some room for you to slither towards the stage. But there was nothing and you found yourself staring at the back of some kid’s head while you thought for a moment.

"Don’t drop me, okay?" you told him, climbing onto his shoulders as sheepishly as you could manage.

"I gotcha’," he chuckled wrapping his arms around your shins.

Shakily, he stood up straight. You were now staring straight at the stage, catching Tay Jardine’s gaze. You thought she was shooting you a small grin, but you later realized it wasn’t you she was smiling it, it was the guy who had been holding you.

You spent the rest of We Are The In Crowds set on the mysterious guys shoulders, shouting, screaming, clapping; just having a good time. You didn’t want it to end, and for some reason, you didn’t want to leave his side. But unfortunately the time eventually came. A strange wave of sadness washed over you when the male finally placed you back on the ground.

"Uh, thanks," you awkwardly said, you twiddled your thumbs apprehensively, watching as the crowd of kids began to shift elsewhere.

"No problem," he replied, he began to toy with his lower lip with his hand, extending his opposite hand with a small grin. "I’m Vic by the way. Vic Fuentes."

Vic Fuentes. You knew there was something familiar about him. He was the lead singer of Pierce the Veil. The band you didn’t even bother to go see. All the sudden, you felt terrible… and a little ignorant. However, you took advantage of this moment before a fan or someone else came along to mess it up.

"I’m ______," you squeaked, taking his hand in your carefully. Immediately there were sparks, you could feel it. Your fingertips lingered for what seemed like almost too long, like he didn’t want to let go… and when you thought about it, you didn’t want him to.

”_______,” he repeated in what sounded like awe. His lips pulled up into a huge cheesy grin.

You responded to this with a blink, confused.

An awkward silence.

"That’s fucking beautiful," he nervously laughed. He than made a strange expression, almost as if he was mentally slapping himself for what he just said. "Uh, would you wanna maybe hang once this place clears out?"

You mouth fell slightly open in response.

"Y-yeah, of course." you tried to sound as unnerved as possible.

Since that day you and Vic have been completely inseparable.

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One Hundred Sleepless Nights. (Part I)

"Holy shit, I can’t even believe you and Tony have been together for three years!" an excited Vic shouted ecstatically over the phone.

You gave a small grunt, acknowledging what he just said, reaching for the clutch of your car, managing to somehow get a hold of it even with your cellphone in hand.  You put your car into reverse, and rolled into the driveway slowly.

"I know, I know. It seems like only yesterday," you spoke with some strain in your voice, since you had been looking back over the seat. 

You could hear Vic laughing happily in response.

Once you finally made it into the driveway perfectly, you took the phone off speaker, and held it to your ear.
"And it’s all because of you Vic!" you giggled.

This was true, but there was so much more to it than just that. About four years ago, you met Vic; immediately fell for him, and immediately got shot down. Vic claimed it was because you guys were so close that he didn’t want to ruin the friendship. But shortly after that had happened, he started dating someone by the name of Cara; whom you, of course out of jealousy, hated.

You were crushed, and avoided Vic for the most part; sitting in your room and hiding from every one, claiming that you were busy. Until Vic one day had showed up at your house, and forced you to go to a party; something you hated. Partying just really wasn’t your scene, at the time.

You had gotten so wasted, you wound up spilling your drink on Tony. You had expected him to flip out and yell every obscenity you could ever imagine, but instead he laughed it off… and you had both went from there.

It began with meaningless texts, than turned into phone calls every morning and night, than hanging out all the time, than dates. And finally on this day, three years ago, he asked if you wanted to be official. The thought, even today, still sends your mind reeling, and your heart soaring.

However, once you and Tony got into a relationship though, Vic began acting a lot different towards you. He tended to be almost spiteful, and angry all the time with you.

Tony claimed that he was jealous, but you never believed that. Even when him and Cara did finally separate. Although, in the back of your mind, you always did have feelings for Vic… you just knew they were better off undeterred, for the good of everyone.

Still, you kind of knew in the back of your mind that if you and Tony were to ever, Heaven forbid, separate, that you may just end up falling for Vic once more.

Reaching over to the passengers side to grab the Victoria’s Secret bag full of goodies you had chosen for Tony.

One thing special about today was, you were finally going to have sex with Tony; finally you were going to lose your virginity. Or so you planned…

For so long, you denied Tony’s advances to have sex with you; claiming that you weren’t ready. And this was true. You were terrified to have sex. Tony hadn’t even seen you naked yet. You were always too frightened he wouldn’t like what he sees, but at this point, you didn’t mind anymore. You wanted Tony to see you. You wanted to make love to him.

"Ha ha. Anytime! What did you get the lucky fucker, anyways?"

"Psh! Vic, I can’t just tell you. It would ruin the surprise!"

"Not like you’re wearing it for me anyways. Besides, you probably won’t be the only one wearing it, if I know Tony well enough," Vic spat sarcastically, you could hear the venom in his tone. This made you roll your eyes.

"Alright, alright, dickhead. I better get going," you began, struggling to get out of the car for a moment, "Later."

"Peace out girl scout."

You snapped your phone closed and than closed the car door as gently as you could, making your way up the concrete stairs and to the door. Taking a small deep breath you pushed the door open, your heels making light clacking noises as you walked through the long hallway and into the dining room. A wide smile displayed on your features.

Tony wasn’t there though. You raised your eyebrows, the smile turning into a small frown. You kicked off your heels and you strided over to the sliding glass door that led to the patio. Tony usually spent a lot of time in the back playing guitar when you weren’t around, or at work. But he wasn’t there either.

His laugh than echoed through your home, which startled you, but you smiled once more. Now heading up the stairs to the second floor, and down to the end of the hallway where you bedroom was.

"Oh, babe!" you sang, flinging the door wide open, "I’m ho-"

You paused, your face twisting from a once happy and glowing face into a sickened and saddened face. You could feel tears stinging your eyes as you watched, terrified. Silently praying that what you were seeing was simply a nightmare. You dropped the Victoria’s Secret bag on the bedroom floor, and took a step back, placing your hand over your mouth to cover up a sudden gasp.

Tony was being straddled by Stephanie, his gorgeous, perfect, blonde ex, Stephanie. Both of them fully naked. You were assuming she had been in mid coitus with him. He had his tattooed hands placed on her hips, and he was gripping her roughly. She turned her head to face you, shooting you a small smirk. But that smirk quickly dissipated when Tony shoved her off of him and onto the floor.

”__________!” he shouted, sitting up on his knees and frantically crawling toward the end of the bed. “This isn’t what you think it is!”

"Don’t," you said softly, your voice trembling.

"P-please," he begged.

"Don’t! you screamed this time, turning around and sprinting down the hallway as fast as your legs could practically carry you.

You ran down the stairs, nearly tripping as you jumped down the last two stairs. Shakily, you threw your heels back on, and headed out the door; ignoring Tony’s desperate calls to you.

The first thing you could think of was calling Vic, but than you remembered how much he’d mock you; throwing in your face that Tony will probably end up cheating on you. You threw your phone into the passenger seat, and rested your elbows on the steering wheel momentarily, cradling your head in your hands, giving a large sigh.

"Drink, I need a drink," you said quietly to yourself, "Just a little drink."



You heard your phone buzz, and watched through blurry eyes as it skittered across the bar table.

"What the fuck?" you slurred, knocking over a drink with the back of your hair as you sloppily reached for your phone.

It was Tony.

"Man, fuck this guy," you shouted to the guy next to you, "Been dating ‘em for four years, and he decides to go and cheat on me. Than he wants to call me? Like he gives a fuck?" you said between hiccups and heavy breaths.

The stranger chuckled, spinning on his chair to face you. He stroked his long beard with his fingertips. He was red in the face, and his eyes were blood shot.

"Fuck ‘em, sweetheart. You have me anyways," he snickered, with a grin; placing a hand on your thigh.

You swatted his hand away, and flipped your phone open.

”_________?” Tony’s voice said over the line, “_________, where the fuck are you?”

"Fuck you, Tony. Fuck you. I was willing to do whatever you wanted. You messed it up. I hate you… I hate you," you voice trailed off, as you felt your eyes becoming heavy. You leaned your elbow on the counter of the bar, and rested your head on it.

"Have you been fucking drinking?" he spat.

"Why the fuck do you care?"

"You’re not driving home like this, _________. Where are you?"

You snapped your phone closed. Obnoxiously lifting yourself up from the seat, and headed toward the door, past all the blurry faces. You made a sloppy bee-line to your truck, nearly falling over yourself.

"You don’t want me driving home like this?" you questioned quietly to yourself.

With one swift motion, you whipped the door open, slamming it against the car next to you. You climbed onto the seat, put the keys in the ignition, and angrily revved the engine.

"I’ll do whatever the fuck I want," you spoke once more, this time a little louder, slurring icily.

You gripped the clutch, and reversed before speeding off.


You heard your phone going off once more.

"This isn’t what you think it is!"

Tony’s voice echoed over and over in your head, nearly sending you to the brink of insanity.

You watched the speedometer continue to rise, as you pressed on the gas harder. You gripped the wheel so hard, your knuckles began to turn white.

"You’re not driving home like this, __________."

Tears began to pour from your eyes, making your vision even less clearer. You swallowed the lump that had formed in your throat, as you began to sob pitifully. A soft hiccup came from your slightly parted lips, as you reached down for the clutch once more.

There was no other way out of this.

You removed your free hand from the wheel, your fingertips trembling until you felt the braille of the cruise control button. You hesitated for a moment, as you began to swerve across the high way, your torso jerking side to side. You closed your eyes and let out a deep breath.

And eventually felt absolutely nothing.


100 Sleepless Nights.

”_________? Oh God, please… Come back to me,” you heard a man’s voice weeping, he must’ve repeated himself two more times, before you felt the warmth of a hand brush against your fingertips.

Your head was pounding. It felt like you had gotten hit by a bus. Your joints trembled when you tried to move.


You heard someone beginning to stir, a chair scratching across the floor.

Light seared between your eyelids, making you wince as you struggled to open them.

Eventually they fluttered open to reveal a man standing over you. His large brown eyes puffy and blood shot; surely he was crying. He had long black hair that had been tied back into a messy ponytail, a black hat was on his head. A long, thin single braid hung in front of his right shoulder. He had a dermal piercing below his left eye, and very large tunnels in his ears. His mouth was hung slightly open. His tattoos danced in all sorts of colors down both his arms, and even his hands. His slightly chapped lips pulled up into a small honest-looking smile.

You raised your eyebrows at him, and jumped back suddenly, the IV that had been placed in your arm tearing at your skin slightly; causing you to gasp in pain. You reached down to it, and than hesitated. You looked down and out of the corner of your eyes, you could see an oxygen mask on your face, frantically you tore it off, panting heavily.

"Stop that, __________!"

 Your than began to pan the room, taking in your surroundings with somewhat blurry eyes. You were had to be at the doctor’s or hospital. There were crudely drawn diagrams of the human body that clung on the pale blue wall paper. Many instruments were hung on the wall beside your bed, along with bright orange boxes that read “CAUTION” in large bold black letters. The heart monitor next to you beeped at a steady pace. It was a small room that held no other occupants.

Your eyes once more landed on the stranger, who was now sitting on the bed, just staring at you. His eyes were watery, and his face was beaming.

"W-where the fuck am I? Who the fuck are you?" you spat, pointing a shaking finger at him.

"W-what?" the man chuckled nervously, "It’s me, Tony. Your boyfriend?"

"What are you talking about? I don’t have a boyfriend. How did I get here anyways?"

Tony’s breathing hitched, and he widened his eyes at you, his eyebrows knitting together.

”__________… Your car hit a divider and fell down a mountain… well, more or less,” Tony’s voice grew more and more timid with every word he spoke, he twisted his braid around his first finger anxiously.

You could feel your eyebrow twitch, as your eyes widened in horror.

"What?" you nearly gasped.

Your face began to heat up, and your stomach began to twist into knots. You felt as if you were going to vomit, so you quickly placed a hand over your mouth, and closed your eyes tightly.

"No," you muffled into your hand, "No! How the fuck did that happen?" You screamed slamming your fist on the bed sheets.

"I… uh," Tony mumbled softly, his eyes looking up at you and down at the sheets where your hand laid.  You could tell something just wasn’t right about him.

His leg bumped up and down, and he clasped his hands between his legs. You narrowed your eyes at him, opening to your mouth to say something, but you were than interupted.

”__________!?” you heard a familiar male’s voice shout from the other side of the door.

Tony rolled his eyes.

"Come in!" he yelled in response.

The door swung open revealing a familiar face… your best friend Vic.

"Is she awake, I heard-" he paused, staring at you, blinking. His mouth slowly falling open.

You stared back at him in awe. He was gorgeous. No, perfect; with big brown eyes, that were of course, puffy, lined with light pink sleep deprivation, and blood shot. Must’ve been a little taller than you, with long brown hair that was nearly straightened, and side parted. He wore a maroon sweatband with a white stripe through it, around his head. A white t shirt, and dark beige cargo shorts, with red shoes.

”__________,” the way he said your name sent shivers down your spine.

One thing you remembered oh so well, was how much you were head over heels in love with Vic. All of the sleepless nights you shared with him, all of the laughter. You even remembered the first time you met. The familiar face made your heart beat quickly in your chest. Happiness and comfort flooding you.

"Vic, do you mind?" Tony interrupted the silence, as the male began to approach you in long quick strides, "We’re kind of in the middle-"

Once the male reached you, he wrapped his arms around your shoulders, nearly pulling you off the bed. You placed your hands on his shoulders, squeezing them lightly. You closed your eyes and took in his scent, your body settling down. There was something so comforting about him.

"I can’t believe it. You’re awake… you’re alive," he spoke softly into your ear, stroking your hair.  "How are you feeling?"

"Fine, V-Vic," you stuttered.

He pulled away from you slowly, his eyes lingering on yours. He brushed loose strands of hair out of the way of your face, and lightly stroked your cheek. He than turned to face Tony, his eyes narrowed down at him.

"So, after 99 days, you finally decide to come to see her?" he questioned Tony, his tone menacing. His eyes were bottomless and cold when he stared at him, and he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Vic… I had things to do-" Tony began.

"Oh, you mean, fucking Stephanie?"

You blinked some, your eyes looking up at Vic than over at the edge of the bed at Tony.

Why did that hurt so bad?

"No. That’s not…" Tony sighed in frustration, rubbing his fingertips against his temples. He stood up swiftly, and made his way to the door, "I’m gonna get a nurse, than you can take her home. I don’t even want anything to fucking do with this anymore. I give up."

But for some reason, you didn’t want him to give up.


It must’ve been about 7 A.M when you awoke from your sleep. The birds were chirping happily, and the sun poured in through the blinds and onto the carpeted floor, lighting the room up dimly. You rolled from your stomach and onto your back, staring up at the off white colored ceiling for a few moments before you arched your back, stretching out. You leaned over the side of the bed, reaching down sticking an appendage under the bed, searching for the sketch book you had kept there, groaning as you ran your hand over the carpet.

"Aha," you whispered happily finally laying your fingertips on it.

You pulled it out from the bed, and searched your night stand for a charcoal pencil.

Quietly, you went downstairs, you feet padding softly against the wooden floor. You went down the long hallway and into the dining room. You blinked some, expecting him to be there; making breakfast, or playing guitar, but he wasn’t there.

You walked up to the sliding glass door that led to the patio, and was surprised to see Tony sitting on the wooden bench to the right; acoustic, not electric, guitar in hand. Still in his boxers, which he slept in. This was truly unusual sight for you.

In all three years of dating Tony, he never played acoustic, for one thing; or would sit in the back to try and concentrate, because he knew it was your special spot. Not that you minded. But every time you tried to offer him the spot, he would usually decline, because he knew it was your spot and didn’t want to take it from you.

You placed your sketchpad on the counter nearest to the door. Sheepishly you slid the glass door open, trying your hardest not to disturb him. The cool spring breeze caressed your exposed thighs, since you had been in a night shirt, which of course was Tony’s. He looked up at you for a second, still strumming the guitar. He looked so miserable. The brim of his eyes laced with bright pink, like he hasn’t slept in days. But nonetheless, he still shot you the most incredible small smile ever. The smile that made you feel at home; like everything was safe. You couldn’t be touched when you were with Tony.

It took a second but you actually recognized the chords of the song he was playing. It had been the song “Collide” by Howie Day. Your lips twitched up into a small smile.

When you and Tony had gone on a date for your birthday, it had been at a beautiful restaurant on San Diego beach. The song Collide had began to play, and you urged Tony to dance with you; which, of course at first he hesitated with large embarrassed eyes. But, eventually he came around and agreed. He held you close, and hummed the song into your ear… you knew then how much you loved and adored Tony.

"I miss you, _________," he voice broke your train of thought.

You raised your eyebrows in confusion, and gave a small nervous laugh.

"Tony, I’m right here," you responded, taking a seat beside him.

"No. No, you’re not," his voice trailed off.

You placed an arm around his shoulder, and attempted to pull his body closer to yours, but he didn’t move. It was like he was stuck in place.

In the blink of an eye everything went dark. You were surrounded by nothing but black.

"Tony?!" you shouted, whipping your head back and forth, as you tried to search for his face. You jumped out of the chair that was no longer even there. You squinted, your eyes adjusting to the darkness.

A very faint white light was off in the distance, and you began heading towards it.

”_________,” you now heard Vic’s voice echo.

"Vic?" you froze in the spot, and looked around once more. "Where are you?"

"I love you, do you know that?"


"I’ve loved you since the day I met you… I was just terrified of losing you. Please don’t go back to him. He cheated on you, remember?"

You gasped softly, tears beginning to pool in the brim of your eyelids. You rubbed the back of your hand against your eye, trying to keep the tears from falling.

"I don’t remember, Vic. No…"

"You’re not just going to forgive him are you?" his voice began to face away.

"Wait, Vic!"


You sprung up in bed, gasping for air. You rubbed your hands over your face, sweat practically pooling in the palms of your hands. You pinched the bridge of your nose between your ring fingers, trying to settle yourself down, bringing your knees up. You stared into the darkness that was your room. You than felt something stir beside you, and turned slightly to see Vic sleeping there; he was groaning softly, perhaps snoring, his long hair in a messy web around his head.

You tried your hardest not to disturb him, getting up from the bed, and traveling downstairs to his kitchen. You stood at the sink, placing both of your hands on the counter, as you stared out the window.

You had been staying with Vic for weeks since you’ve gotten out of the hospital. He took great care of you, and healed your wounds both physically and mentally rather quickly. He was the shoulder to cry on, and he helped you remember so much. Needless to say, you were in love with Vic. Just as you had been three years ago.

But things were changing now. Tony was plaguing your dreams. All these different scenarios pushed you closer and closer to the edge; and the fact that you cannot remember what had really happened, and what you were dreaming was making it no easier on you or your heart.

You were so lost in thought, you didn’t hear soft foot steps padding across the floor behind you; and a strong pair of arms looped around your waist, pulling you from the sink. The familiar scent filled your nose and you knew it was Vic. You rested up against his bare chest.

"What’s wrong?" he asked you, squeezing you in his arms for a moment.

"I keep having dreams," you simply responded, your voice in nearly a whisper.

"What about?"



"Yeah," you pried yourself from Vic’s arms, and sauntered over to the door slipping on your black moccasins, and grabbing your black cardigan, putting it on over your black tank top.

”__________, where are you going?” he questioned, taking a hold of your hand and trying to pull you back to him.

"I need to see him, Vic," you said. Which was true, you absolutely needed to see Tony. Ever since the first night you climbed into Vic’s bed and slept beside him, all you dreamt about was Tony. All you saw was his face. But… you two haven’t even spoken since that day at the hospital.

Vic was silent, his other hand snaked around your waist pulling your body close to his; closing the gap between you both.

"I-I love you, okay?" he mumbled. Using the back of his hand he brushed your hair out of the way of your face and leaned down, brushing his lips against yours ever so softly. You lifted yourself up onto your toes and pressed your lips to his, letting your arms wrap around his neck. Vic pulled away from the kiss slowly, his bottom lip lingering against yours for only a moment, before he placed another kiss to your forehead. He held onto your tightly, placing his chin on the top of your head. His hand found yours and he held on very softly, but you knew he didn’t want to let go. "Just be careful, please."

"I-I will," you said, once more breaking free of Vic’s grip. His hand slipped out of yours slowly, as you made your way out of the door.


Almost cautiously you approached Tony’s door; like you were a spy on some secret mission that meant life or death. Once you reached the door, you hesitated to knock, balling up your fist, before pulling away, than taking a deep breath, than repeating. Finally, you managed to get the confidence and you knocked on his door a few times.

You sighed loudly as your knees began to buckle from your nerves. You twirled a lock of (h/c) hair around the tip of your finger. You pulled the sleeves of your cardigan higher on your shoulders, and shivered.

"Come on, Tony…" you mumbled, seeing a gray cloud pass through your lips as you spoke.

The door opened and Tony didn’t say a single word, and neither did you, you were too busy trying to read Tony’s expression.

He was of course, in his boxers, his hair was slicked back into a ponytail and for once, he had no hat on. You could just make out the colorful detailed outlines of his tattoos in the night on his chest and neck. Tony brushed his jedi braid behind his shoulder, and crossed his tattooed arms over his chest, leaning his body against the door frame. He raised his eyebrows at you.

"Uh… hey," you said timidly. 

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Just Stay Away From My Friends.

With a swift, sloppy motion, you raised your arm to peer down at your watch. Although your vision was rather blurry you could just make out the dull numbers 12:57 on your digital watch. You realized that upon turning your arm around that you spilled your half full cup of beer out and onto the grass.

"Fuck," you swore in a soft voice, tossing the cup to the ground.

You sauntered messily through the crowd of unclear faces.
”_______!” you heard a familiar voice call, before you felt a soft tug on your forearm.

You spun around, nearly falling over, but Vic caught you by your arm, lifting you back up to your feet.
"Jesus Christ, ________, what did you have to drink?" he asked, as he struggled to help you get your footing. But still, you continued to sway back and forth. He kept a hand firm on your shoulder.
You leaned forward, wrapping your arms loosely around his neck, resting them on his shoulders. You found his ear with your lips, lightly catching his earlobe between your teeth, breathing heavily into it.
"Take me home with you, Vic?" you spoke softly into his now moistened ear, you left behind a faint tint of crimson on his ear from your lipstick.

"I don’t think Tony would be too happy if I did that," Vic responded, his tone shifting from calm to aggravated quickly. "Besides, you’re just wasted."

"Tony and I are over. You didn’t know that?" you flat out lied, taking a step away from Vic, looking into his big brown eyes. They had little tinges of red in them; a sure sign that Vic was just as wasted as you were, which meant that this was the perfect, and possibly only opportunity you’d get to finally sleep with Vic.

Yes, you absolutely lied. Not just because you were so drunk that you could barely even think straight; but because you loved Vic. But… you also loved Tony. You wanted them both, and you knew that that just couldn’t happen. It could never be that simple.

Still the thought of having the both of them at once drove you so insane, that it pushed you to the point of lying; covering up your tracks. This isn’t the first time you’ve done this either. This has happened countless times, and you’ve never been caught.

You were a cheater. A cheater at it’s finest.

He looked at you suspiciously with a raised eyebrow. He toyed with his nose ring with his first finger before crossing his strong arms over his chest.
"Really?" he finally asked, lowering his arms only to wrap them loosely around your waist.
You placed your hands on his chest, and pulled lightly at his shirt.
"Yes, Vic. Really," you spoke softly, trying to sound as sincere as possible, bringing an appendage up to his face to brush his brown hair out of the way of his face.

"… Okay."
He believed you.


You fell back on the bed hard, in the darkness; giggling faintly as Vic crawled ontop of you sloppily. That gorgeous, goofy grin spread across his face; you could see his face through the small slits of light from the moon that shone brightly behind the blinds. He leaned down and kissed your lips ever so lightly, nipping at your lip as he pulled away slowly. His breath was very slow, but heavy.
"I love you, ________," he said in nearly a whisper, using the back of his hand to move your hair out of the way of your face.
You stared into each other’s eyes for a few minutes; his breath caressing your lips. He licked his lips, nervously, before he leaned back down this time kissing you so tenderly.

You began to run your hands down Vic’s chest, over the fabric of his white t shirt, eventually reaching the hem of it; you gave it a soft tug, and he smiled against your lips in response. He leaned up for a moment, only to take it off.
Quickly, you rose to your knees, slipping out of your top as well. Vic placed soft featherlight kisses amoung your collarbone as you struggled to get it over your head. You couldn’t help but giggle softly at your slight issue with your shirt. Finally, he helped you get it over your head, tossing it to the floor with his.
He returned to your lips; him now on his knees as well. He wrapped his arms around your waist, the gap between your bodies closing. His fingertips danced up your back, eventually reaching your bra which he managed to undo. He broke the kiss slowly once more, looking at you. Bruising passion in his brown eyes.

You slipped your bra off carefully, fingertips shaking. Vic laid you onto your back once more, placing his hand behind your head, allowing his fingers to get tangled in your hair. You giggled at him playfully, and he smiled down at you, stroking your cheek with the back of his hand.

He began to place small kisses to your lips, gradually moving to your jaw, than to your neck; once he reached your breasts, he paused, glancing up at you almost as if he was asking with his huge brown eyes if he could continue. You gave him a small reassuring smile.

Vic lightly held onto your hips, leaning down placing kisses to your breasts. He brought one his hands up and placed it on your breast, his thumb played with the tip of your nipple; rubbing it softly.
You licked your lips with anticipation, a light moan passing your slightly parted lips.
You could feel him smile against your breast. He looked up at you for a second; catching a glance of your face. He than began to make his way down your body, and past your naval, placing kisses all along the way.

You caught your breath, and swallowed, your stomach began feeling heavy. You craved him. You needed him.

"V-Vic, please…" you mumbled softly, running your fingertips through his hair, biting your lip.

Vic nodded, unbottoning your jeans. He slipped his thumbs into your belt loops pulling them and your underwear down your thighs slowly, at the same time. His eyes taking in every inch of you along the way. He got off the bed, and quickly slipped out of his jeans and boxers.

Gingerly, he climbed back ontop of you, finding both of your hands to intertwine his fingers in your’s, laying your hands back onto the pillow underneath your head.

"Spread your legs," he murmured, you caught the scent of vodka in his breath.

Almost hesitantly, you spread your legs. With one swift motion, Vic sent his hair out of the way his face, before he lined himself up with you.

You caught your breath feeling the tip of his member lightly grazing against your entrance. Your heart beat roughly against your chest, and your entrance began to feel as if it were pulsing.

He licked his lips as he slammed into your entrance.

You whined softly, digging your fingernails into the backs of his hands, burying your face into the crook of his neck.

Vic grunted faintly, leaning his head down to place a light kiss to your forehead.

Gradually, he picked the pace up; releasing your fingers from his hands. Your hands found his shoulders; you curled your arms loosely around his shoulders, pulling his body down to yours, his long hair tickling your neck and chest.

You bit down on your lip; hard. Trying to hold back loud moans. You turned your head slightly, biting down on the pillow for better reassurance that you wouldn’t be too loud.

Vic leaned up then, finding your chin with his thumb, tilting your head up to look at him.

"I want to hear you, _________," he spoke breathlessly. "You sound so incredible."

You weren’t used to this, at all. Not with Tony. Tony completely tore you to shreds in bed and controlled you, Hell, he dominated you; left you aching, but wanting more. Vic was more on a sweet side; caring, loving… this, to him, was not just fucking- this was making love. Something serious.

Vic than did something completely unexpected, he flipped you over in one swift motion, that left you so dizzy you couldn’t even feel for a moment, until he pounded into you. You grasped the sheets, nearly screaming. He wrapped his arms around your shoulders, pulling you so your back was against his chest.

"Say my name," he whispered in your ear, before he bit down on it gently.

"Ah! V-Vic!" you screamed, arching your back.

He grabbed your breast, lightly running his thumb over your nipple.
"Tell me when you’re going to cum!"

He continued to slam into you, each movement getting much sloppier, but surely enough much harder; more passionate.

Your stomach began to feel as if it were knots; you knew you were going to finish soon.

Vic placed kisses along your shoulers and neck, causing you to shiver.

"I- I’m gonna cum," you lightly said between pants.

Vic groaned loudly, you assumed he felt your walls tightening around him, because that’s what you began to feel.

"A-Ah," Vic moaned, throwing his head back.

"Fuck!" you shouted, biting down on your lip, you felt your liquid in between your thighs. Your legs began to feel as if they were going to give out; shaking profusely.

Vic held himself inside you for only a moment, him finally releasing himself into you. He pulled out gradually, falling down onto the bed, his hair a messy web around his head. You joined him, laying over his arm.

"That… that was just," he began, but you interuptted him, placing a soft kiss to his lips.
"Amazing?" you breathed out, before you laid your head upon his chest.

"Absolutely." he responded, stroking your shoulder with his thumb.

You both laid there in silence for a few moments.

"I-I love you," Vic mumbled very softly, closing his eyes.

Not even Tony ever said he loved you.

"I… love you too, Vic," you hesitated, "Now get some sleep."

However, you knew falling asleep was going to be a problem for you. This had crossed the line. Sure, hooking up, or simply kissing Vic whether drunk or sober was one thing- but actually having sex with him? Not even just that making love? Telling Vic that you had loved him… this was wrong. You knew it was… and you had to tell Tony. First thing today.


"Hey, hey, _________!" you heard a voice call to you, shaking you over and over.

"W-what..?" you responded, opening your eyes only to be blinded by a dull orange light, but you managed to catch Vic out of the corner of your eyes. You placed your arm your face to sheild your eyes from the bright sunlight that poured through the blinds. "Vic?"

Your head was spinning; you felt like you had gotten hit by a truck. Your mouth was dry, and your stomach felt empty. You definitely had a hangover. You gasped faintly when you realized you were completely naked.

"Your phone is going off," Vic said, tone sounding rather aggravated, "It’s Tony."

He tossed the phone onto the bed, and picked his clothes up off the floor; hurrying to the bathroom.

"Fuck me," you sighed in aggravation, once Vic was out of the room. You ignored Tony’s call, and instead rushed around Vic’s room to find your clothes.

You had been struggling to pull your shirt over your head when Vic had opened his bathroom door.

"So, I’m guessing you guys are still dating, huh?" he asked sarcastically, fixing his hair while he looked in the mirror.

You didn’t speak, you simply pulled your shirt over your head, and sighed.

"I think he’s calling me because he wants us to get back together." you began, biting your lip, nervously, "Ain’t happening though."

You turned to him, giving him a small smile.

He didn’t return the smile, instead he simply frowned and shrugged his shoulders.

"Vic, I love you, okay?" you reassured him, searching the room for your purse. "Anyway, I promised Jaime I’d hang with him early today, and it’s already going on-"

You checked your watch. It was only 9 in the morning. How are you gonna lie yourself out of this one? You thought.

 ”9. And I had promised we’d hang around 10. We’re gonna go out for some iHop to talk about things- ya know… what with the break up and everything, I really need someone to be there for me,” you tried to make yourself sound as broken hearted, and miserable as you possibly could manage. You even forced yourself to make your eyes water; going to that great of lengths to make everything go the way you planned it.

At this point however, it wasn’t about having both Tony and Vic, it was about sparing yours and Vic’s friendship… if he knew you were lying, he’d be so upset with you- he’d probably never even look at you again.

You found your purse when your phone vibrated.

Where are you, hun? Tony

"See, that’s Jaime now," you said with a small sigh, "I really should get going."

"Alright, alright. Relax," Vic responded, sounding annoyed now, "I’ll take you. Just promise you’ll give me a call or something, or anything happens alright? I don’t want Tony hurting you or anything like that…"

"I promise."


Vic parked in front of the tour bus, and miserably watched you get out of car. He grabbed your arm.

"Look, I’ll be back in a few hours, okay? Be careful, please," he begged.

You looked at Vic, than over at the bus to make sure that no one was watching, hitching your puse higher on your arm.

"I’ll be fine, alright?" you leaned over the passenger seat quickly, placing a soft kiss to his lips.

He rubbed your cheek with his thumb.

"Alright, _______, I’m planning something really special for you later," he said with his normal big goofy smile.

You felt your stomach sink in horror. Something special? God, I don’t deserve this.

"Ha… hahaha. Okay, Vic!" you responded happily, slamming the car door shut, and making your way to the bus.

Once getting on, you slammed the door behind you, hard. Placing your back against it, sliding down it slowly.

"Fuck. Me." you said softly, feeling tears beginning to well amoung the brim of your eyelids.
”________?” you heard a familiar voice call from the other room of the bus, as footsteps began to approch you. It was Tony.

Once he reached you, he knelt down in front of you.

"What the Hell happened?" he questioned with worried eyes, grabbing your cheeks with his hands.

You knew you just couldn’t tell him the truth.

"I-I… me and Vic," you somehow managed to choke out, but the tears began to cascade down your cheeks.

"You and Vic what?" he prompted sternly , his voice trembling, you watched as Tony’s expression go from worry to almost raw fear.

"Me and Vic are not friends anymore," you lied.

Tony’s features softened, and he breathed a soft sigh of relief. He closed his eyes, taking this in, and than brought his hands to your shoulders.

"Everything is going to be alright. Fuck him," Tony spat, "Everything he’s been doing is ridiculous already… especially since he’s constantly trying to get in the way of us."

You winced at Tony’s words.

"I know, he’s such a dickhead," you responded, feeling ashamed of yourself now.

"Yeah… just don’t even sweat ‘em," he spoke up, sounding a little happier now.

Tony slapped his hands onto his thighs abruptly, giving a small sigh.

"Wanna know what’ll make you feel better?" he asked slyly.

"Hm?" you said, peering up at him through your bangs.

He wiped your tears away before he hooked loose strands of your hair behind an ear. He gave a small mischevious chuckle.

"Star Wars!" he shouted before he swiftly lifted you up and over his shoulder.

You cackled gripping onto his shirt in fear, and nearly had the wind knocked out of you when he lifted you up.

Tony spun around in a circle, before he placed you on the leather couch against the wall of the bus, nearest to the window.

"I’m gonna go find the movie, alright baby?" he spoke softly, placing a light kiss to your forehead.

You hesitated for a moment, but quickly brought your hands to Tony’s shirt, pulling him down to you; kissing him hard, lightly biting his lip, deepening the kiss.

Tony paused, pulling away from you. His dark brown eyes staring down at your lips momentarily, before they slowly lifted upwards, looking into your eyes. His breath caressing your lips.

"T-Tony?" you questioned, breathlessly, eyes flickering from his eyes to his lips.

"I love you, ________," he paused, and he bit down on his bottom lip for only a second. "And I know, it can be hard to believe… since… I never really do tell you. Hell, I’ve never told you at all. It’s just that… I just do, okay? You’re- you’re perfect. And uh. I-I just. I love you." he was rambling, nervously.

But, you were frozen. You had no idea what to do say. You did love Tony. So very much. You always did love him. But… Tony never did emotionally give you what you need. Sure, you knew he loved you- but he never expressed it.

That’s what you leaned on Vic for. Not sex, emotions. But, this whole situation was coming to a close. Something had to give eventually… you just couldn’t decide who was right for you. Maybe neither of them were; but you refused to believe it.

”_________?” Tony questioned, leaning his face in a little closer to yours; tilting his head, raising an eyebrow.

"I just… I love you too, Tony," you finally said, mentally slapping yourself for even saying that, even if it was true. You felt like you had no right at this point to even use the word "love" in a coherent sentence.

Tony lips pulled up into a large, cheesy grin, brushing the hair out of your face as he did many times before; and as he’s done many time’s before, he wrapped his strong tattooed arms around you, holding you close.

You embraced him, burying your face into his shoulder; feeling absolutely stricken with guilt.

He than pulled away from you slowly, cupping your face in his hands; stroking your cheek with his thumb.

"I want you, _________," he said softly, continuing to look at you; licking his lips; apprehensiveness in his eyes.

You felt your cheeks begin to heat up, and you knew you were blushing.

Something was different about Tony today. His words seemed so much more sincere and kinder. He was never like this with you. Tony was not so much emotionless, but rather, he never really displayed his feelings of affection- even if you showed him yours constantly.

But now, he was being completely serious.

"A-alright," you agreed. Using the back of your ring fingeritp you brushed Tony’s black hair out of the way of his face.

"Okay," he said in a huff, placing his arms beneath your thighs and lifting you up and off the couch.

You blinked at the sudden action, but sprawled out in his arms, giggling happily as he led you to the back of the bus where all the bunks had been; placing you carefully onto his lower bunk.

Wasting no time, Tony made his way on top of you, kissing you feverishly; leaving your lips only to trail his kisses down your jawline to your neck than to your collarbone, where he nipped ever so softly, causing you to writhe underneath him.

His hands traveled up your body, starting at your hips, and up your sides, making the hem of your shirt rise up slightly, and eventually his hands found yours; intertwining his fingers within your own, pinning your hands against the sheets of the bed.

His mouth slowly made it’s way down your body. The pace was agonizing. Your body began to ache with need. He caught the hem of your shirt between his teeth, and tugged, looking up at you with big brown eyes.

You gave him a small smile, raising your hips slightly, telling him to continue through this small motion.

Tony broke your hands apart, only to pull your shirt off and toss it to the floor. You leaned up suddenly onto your knees, placing kisses to Tony’s face and neck, pulling at the hem of his shirt now; gradually getting it off, and tossing it to the floor to join yours.

His strong hands gripped your forearms, than they made their way behind your back, unhooking the clasp of your bra. He rubbed your back with the palms of his hands; you moaned softly from his touch, goosebumps raising on your skin.

You had been so in the moment with Tony at this point, that you failed to hear a car door slam from outside of the tour bus. You did however flick your head towards the other room when you heard the creaky door slam.

”_________?” A familiar voice called from the front of the bus.

It was Vic; and his footsteps were fast, like he was sprinting.

"Hey! I hope you’re dressed, babe! I bought you— flow… ers," his voice trailed off once he finally reached you. His mouth wide open as he took in you’re half naked form, with horror in his eyes. His bottom lip was quivering.

You were terrified. Your heart felt like it was beating in your throat. You swallowed hard, feel tears begin to gather in the brim of your eyelids.

"V-Vic. I… I." you choked.

The boquet of beautiful roses that he had intended to give to you dropped to the ground, and Vic took a small step back, shaking his head slowly.

”________? What the fuck is going on?” Tony questioned incredulously. He scooted over to the other side of the bunk now, still on his knees; arms crossed across his chest.

You wiggled around until you were able to get the sheet from the bed up and over your bare chest.

Embarassed was a complete understatement in this situation.

"She played us, Tony," Vic spat venomously, glaring at you. "She’s been playing us."

You opened your mouth to speak, but absolutely nothing came out. You didn’t want to admit that Vic was right; the mere thought of it sent your pride crashing down upon you.

Your eyes shifted back and forth from Vic to Tony as you tried to come up with an excuse, a lie, absolutely fucking anything.

"Well?" Tony began to raise his voice, knitting his eyebrows together.

But, you knew you couldn’t lie anymore.

"I-I did," your voice trembled.

"Wow," Tony simply responded, his tone apathetic and cold.

He got up and out of the bunk, not even bothering to put his shirt on. As he walked out, he sent a fist flying into the wooden frame of the bed before he left the room. A few moments later, the loud thud of the front door could be heard.

Vic stared at you for a moment, arms crossed over his chest.

You turned your head away, staring at the wall, biting your lip. Tears finally shedding from your eyes, and you sniffled loudly; running a hand through your hair out of frustration.


You didn’t respond.

"He’s going to come back. You and I both know that," he mumbled, he turned around and began walking away.


"But, if I were you," he called, "I would just stay the fuck away from me, because I’m not going to be as stupid as he is."

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You’re My Favorite Explosion.

You’re My Favorite Explosion.

Vic gave a heavy sigh, taking a quick look down at his watch, than up at star lit sky, than back to his watch again. He was tapping his foot very lightly on the ground.

”________, are you sure tonight is the night?” he prompted lazily, brushing hair that had fallen in front of his face out of the way, before he looked over at you. He crossed his arms over his chest and shivered slightly.

You were bent down in front of your telescope; panning the sky with the lens ever so slowly. You only moved your face away to tuck loose strands of hair out of the way of your face and behind an ear.

“Absolutely,” you responded through already slightly parted lips.

“Well, it’s going on 12 now,” Vic mumbled, sinking his hands into the depth of his light beige cargo shorts as a source of warmth. “And I’m freezing.”

You pouted, sucking your teeth, not taking your eyes away from the telescope for even a second.

“No one told you to wear shorts, Victor,” you responded sarcastically, toying with one of the knobs on the side of the telescope.

After a few moments of silence, something caught your eye within the lens. A very bright white object darted swiftly across the dark velvet sky; lighting it up for only seconds, leaving a small faint trail of gray behind it as it disappeared behind the line of high pine trees.

“There!” you shouted, pointing up to where the object slowly disappeared. You giggled in excitement, scooting away from the telescope, still on your knees, now turning your (e/c) hues up towards the sky; biting your lip in anticipation.

You frowned for a second, fearing that there may be no other shooting stars, but after about a moment of you and Vic staring up at the sky, you

saw another stream by; Vic jumped back in surprise.
You couldn’t help but smile, standing up and beside him, crossing your arms.

“Don’t people make wishes on shooting stars?” he questioned in nearly a whisper; still watching the sky, his brown eyes huge with awe, mouth still remaining slightly open.

“Mhm,” you said softly. Closing your eyes, and making an empty wish. The empty wish that perhaps someday, at some time you’d have the courage to finally tell Vic how you felt about him… and that just maybe, he’d feel the same.



You both said at the same time; you turned your head quickly, a bright pink blush forming on your cheeks. You clasped your hands in front of you, rocking back and forth on your heels. Vic had turned his head the other way, and brought his hand up to the back his neck, rubbing it nervously; a shy giggle coming from him.

“Look, ________,” he began quietly, finally turning to actually face you, he carefully took a hold of your hand, before he let out a nonchalant chuckle, “I don’t even know where to start…”

You blinked some, before raising your eyebrows. With a flick of your wrist, you sent your bangs out of the way of your (e/c) hues.

“Vic, I-I,” you managed to choke up. You felt your knees quivering; with every shooting star that flew by, you could see it lighting up Vic’s gorgeous features; especially his big brown eyes that stared up at you with such bruising tenderness. You were wondering if he could see the blush on your face. “…I-love-you.” you said in a swift whisper, closing your eyes tightly; embarrassed.

“I love you too.”

“Look, if you don’t feel that way I understand. We’ve been friends for… God, forever. I’ve just been hiding it for-” you paused, your eyes growing wide. “Y-you…what..?”

Vic brought his hand to your face, caressing your cheek with his thumb. He licked his lips nervously, his eyes flickering from you to the ground quickly, before a very faint smile crept across his features.

“I love you, __________,” he said very softly.

Almost carefully, he placed his forehead to yours. You watched as his eyes fell to a slow close, and you soon followed; his warm breath caressing your lips. Gradually, he snaked his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him until the gap between your bodies was non existent.

Vic brushed the hair out of your face, taking a hold on your chin and lifting your face up to look into your eyes. He than leaned down slowly, and placed a very soft kiss to your lips. You leaned into him, wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling yourself up onto your tip toes.

Eventually, he pulled away, only to plant another kiss on the top of your forehead. He brought his arm over your shoulder, and you nestled your head just behind his chin into his chest; watching as the rocks continued to flutter by quickly, going out in large flashes as they flew closer to the Earth.

“So, what was your wish?” you lightly said.

“To be with you.”

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